The Statement

I witness.

I witness the latest Hong Kong Chief Executive Election policy incident.

I would like to make a statement as if I were one of the leading roles in this ‘Occupy Hong Kong’ movement campaign.

The Statement is made on November 24, 2014.

The yellow umbrella revolution is a triumphant revolutionary movement. We all ought to stand proud of it. Looking back at many other pro-democracy movements elsewhere in history, yellow umbrella movement affirms the beginning of a long journey for the ‘True Election’ pro-democracy revolution in Hong Kong. We have a lot to do from here onward.

‘Occupy Hong Kong’ movement has served extremely well for its purpose as a trigger for the yellow umbrella movement by laying the solid ground work for our True Election pro-democracy revolution. It’s time now to call an end to ‘Occupy Hong Kong’ movement so as to give way to begin yellow umbrella revolution demanding true election in our government.

We have begun making the first page of Hong Kong’s modern history and carrying on the yellow umbrella movement continuation is writing history to fill up the pages of Hong Kong’s modern history book. These pages that we are writing history on shape the true democratic Hong Kong for our coming generations. We are all more than proud because we are all doing the right thing by taking part in the yellow umbrella revolution fighting for True Election pro-democracy for Hong Kong. When we stand out to take part in the yellow umbrella revolution to defend our inborn human dignity and fight for our inherent human rights, we could then become true fathers and mothers of our upcoming generations. Doing this is exactly what everyone knows that we are doing the right thing!

We have a lot to do from here onward.

First, we should establish to monitor our government. We monitor our government to do the right things as its duty called for; we monitor our government to rightfully serve its people; we monitor our government to honor the inherent rights which its people entitled; we monitor our government to listen to its people as it said it would; we monitor our government to be rid of corruption and foul plays; we monitor our government to honor a fair and just election system as it promised it would; and we monitor our government to make a true democratic Hong Kong as it is stipulated.

To monitor our government, we need to investigate, to question, to understand, to inquire, to search, to analyze, to learn about, to see, to gauge, to compare, to record, to look in, to look back, to remember, to be reasonable, to make logical, to justify, to query, to confirm, to substantiate, to validate, to authenticate, to verify, and to corroborate both facts and lies of everything that our government do. We have a lot to do and it is a continuing task from generation to generation. We must work hard.

Then, we must expose and publish publicly all the findings as unveiled and revealed from monitoring our government; so each one of us can understand and judge if our government is doing the right things or telling lies. It would also be fair that our government can defend itself if it sees that the exposed and published are not true.

An online media platform which everyone can access to read about all the findings published should be setup.

The online media platform serves multiple purposes. First, it provides a place for all the findings acquired from monitoring our government to be accessible to everyone. Second, each one of us can read about the information directly knowing that nothing has been filtered. Third, the platform is a public and open communication channel where each one of us can exchange opinion, interpretation, questions, understanding, queries, inquiries, or beliefs. Fourth, if our government disagreed with the published information on this platform, it can voice out to defend itself by proving the published but disagreed information should be otherwise so that it is fair play for all involved.

Moreover, we need to look back into China history and Hong Kong history from World War II. Organize the historic incidences to display on the online media platform for all of us to read and learn about China and Hong Kong from WWII so that we can see what history tells us the right and the wrong of China and Hong Kong since then. Understanding more of China and Hong Kong from their history which has been recording since World War II will help us understand more clearly and correctly of how and why China and Hong Kong are coming to what China and Hong Kong today. Let history tell us what it is ought to be the most just and fairest manifestation.

Most important of all, this online media platform is recording history for all of us, for our upcoming generations and the world. Each one of us is a history writer. How much more proud would one be as participated in the process of writing history? History tells us the right and the wrong! What is there to argue?

By being a history writer and participating in history writing is carrying out the mission of preserving humanity.

We are all peace loving people. We don’t need the violence and bloodshed built-in with the revolutionary movements recorded in history. Together let’s build a true democratic Hong Kong with the ending of the yellow umbrella revolution. So, let’s end ‘Occupy Hong Kong’ now and begin the ‘Yellow Umbrella Revolution’. Let’s work hard together, let’s move on. We have got a lot to do from here onward.