Would I ever see a smile on the face again?

The politician publicly denies his wrongdoing even though mountains of evidence have proven that he has in fact committed all the crimes that he’s accused of. No smile would be seen on his face.

The lady chief executive of the city has always been lying publicly to the people she governs even before she was appointed to take the governorship office. It is so aggravating to the people because she never stops lying but insists all her lies are the truth. No smile would be seen on her face.

A mother would pretend she is the best mother there’s for anyone. She would never tell what’s in her mind. She would never approve any good things you have done for her. She would never have a smile on her face.

A sister would say no other siblings have taken care of mother but she alone does all the caring for mother. She keeps scolding other siblings for not doing anything and not doing anything correctly but only she would do things right and only she would take care of mother. She would never have a smile on her face.