Brainwashing Soap Opera

The most popular entertainment at home is the nightly soap opera on TV for the whole family to enjoy after dinner. Who would have ever thought that the soap opera are brainwashing us for the government.

It would be easily fooling the general public that TV Network Station is operating independently, but the TV station could actually be running puppet shows on the front while the government is actually one hundred percent in control of pulling all puppets in the shows behind all presentations.

Let me explain how a TV soap episode could brainwash its audience. A character is encouraging another to register as a candidate to campaign for a political position in the election by saying ‘just work hard to qualify being one of the candidates of the political election, I’m sure people will vote for you!’, as if the election were the truly democratic election in the democratic society.

The problem is in reality, the country or the society is not truly democratic, it has no democratic election because all candidates for any so called election are appointed from small groups of the government. While people have been watching TV soap opera every evening, people are easily forgetting in real life the electoral system is completely different from what’s depicting on TV.