Lunch Order

The man looks in his 70’s sat down across me at the table where I was sitting while munching on my seafood thick noodle at lunch.

In his clear, crisp loud voice, the man firmly and determinedly ordered his lunch for a set meal consisted of minced fish & pork balls porridge and pan fried radish cake, he also ordered a lemon tea drink on the side. It’s not the order taker who repeated the ordered menu to this man, it’s this man himself who repeated his ordered menu to the order taker.

The order was transmitted both to the kitchen and the cash register via wireless but before long, the cashier brought in the ordered menu list together with total food & drink payment on a single bill to the man. Wanting to make sure that the ordered menu and item bill would be delivered to the right person who had exactly ordered the food and drink items on the bill, the cashier repeated out loud that the man had ordered the minced fish porridge as she was handing the bill to the man. The man reacted quickly and firmly, ‘NO’, and had no intention of taking the bill from the cashier.

The cashier instead handed the bill to the order taker who then put the bill in front of the man and said he told me the exact order from his own mouth. The man responded out loud to the air that ‘of course I say no because she said I’ve ordered the minced fish porridge, which is not the set meal I’ve ordered that has minced fish and pork ball porridge with pan fried radish cake’; if I said yes, I would be sold short, which I didn’t want.