Human against COVID-19

I would like to take a reasonable perspective at COVID-19 and its variants.

First, human is at war with COVID-19. Human is on the defensive while COVID-19 is the offensive foe.

Second, in any war, the offensive will keep attacking with dynamic tactical weaponry, and the defensive will keep building effective defenses fighting against the attacking. The war will only end when either the offensive completely conquers the defensive, or the defensive completely eradicates the offensive.

Third, COVID-19’s dynamic tactical weaponry is its variants, Delta, Omicron, and so on. Human’s defense is vaccine and people’s behaviors. Human’s inborn immunity could not defend against COVID-19 when it first came out attacking in a surprise, and, it is such a totally unseen deadly virus placing a tremendous threat to human. Vaccine would definitely be needed as a defense against COVID-19.

Fourth, defense is not a 100% stable protection, it’s built specifically targeted to fight against the oncoming dynamically varying attacking weaponry. While COVID-19 keeps attacking with variants, human keeps studying the effectiveness of the vaccine against the varying variants. Up till now, vaccine has been proven to be effective in the defense against COVID-19 by an extraordinary high percentage of protection effectiveness although there’s still a very small number of cases of infection breakthrough to the fully vaccinated. Furthermore, vaccine has been proven to prevent death and critical illness significantly from infecting COVID-19.

Fifth, if one believes taking the vaccine is taking a risk, why would one believe infected by or die from COVID-19 is not taking a risk? When one believes one’s own immunity will fight against COVID-19, there’s still a risk of hospitalization and even death if infected. If getting vaccinated is taking a risk, well, it is taking a risk to lower the risk by a far far greater margin of being infected by COVID-19 which could possibly cause death.

Sixth, each person’s immunity and body conditions is unique so each might have varied reactions or responses to the vaccine. But vaccine has been proven to be 99% of safely effective for vastly majority of people worldwide. While we query the small number of vaccinated still getting infected, we are forgetting that the disproportional large number of vaccinated have successfully and safely been protected from getting infected. Although even one death or one infected is too many, what about the remaining vast majority who are not infected and alive all because of vaccinated. What’s the justification on criticizing 1% of the vaccinated still get non-fatal infection but neglecting the fact that 99% of the vaccinated are safely protected? Without vaccine, that’s without defense, could we still survive through this war, let alone winning the war?