Humanity is witnessed the moment a person becomes conscious either awakening from sleep or other reasons.

Humanity is witnessed based on the person’s work, ideas, issues, problems, things-to-do, learning, beliefs, elements, abilities, skills, feelings, time, faith, effort, desires, preference.

What is humanity witnessed in daily living?

What is humanity witnessed living in a war?

What is humanity witnessed living through after calamitous disaster?

If I had told myself I would be a witness of humanity and a silent supporter, I shouldn’t have had minded being it.

I would shut up, cut out the superfluous humbleness, and cut out both of the needless benign or malign talks.

I would be goal oriented, focus, clear on objectives, thematic, result oriented, relax on judging knowledge standards, calm, and cool but firm.

I would wisely and humanely act upon what I have witnessed in humanity.