Hunting for Hope

The man keeps his articulation on freedom of expression of his mind. He strongly believes in the rights of freedom of speech so he constantly speaks of what’s in his mind openly. The man says, ” What I have in my mind is there’s hope, and I’m always hunting for hope. “

The woman keeps chanting ” We must respect human rights. So each person has basic human rights which must not be taken away by anyone else! ” She strongly believes that human rights is humanity which is inherent with human being. The woman says, ” I hope human rights is respected all over the world and I’m always hunting for this hope. “

The girl keeps singing ” I love you. You love me. We love each other. ” she says, ” I hope you love me always because I always love you. “

The boy keeps telling loudly ” I will protect you because I am strong. ” He says, ” I will protect you from those bad people who want to hurt you, I hope I can stay strong always. “

Grandfather keeps saying ” I want to be healthy, I want my whole family to be healthy so that nobody has to worry about anybody getting sick! ” He says, ” I hope to stay healthy because I can always travel to see everyone in my family. “

Grandmother keeps singing ” Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. ” She says, ” I hope I am happy, I hope I am always happy. “