In Search of Happiness

Grandpas, Grandmas, seniors, all queued up at a line goes around the block at 7:30 am sharp every single morning. A Grandma talks to the other senior after she has gotten the freely give away daily gazette “I’m happy that I’ve got it early today, let’s go get dim sum!” The other senior says “Wait for me, it’s almost my turn to get mine!”

The young woman is reading the menu with her boyfriend next to her ready to order anytime she is ready. She is still trying to make a decision from the menu when a waiter comes over to ask if they are ready to order because it’s been quite a while that the woman is on the menu. Her boyfriend orders the usual the moment the waiter’s at their table, the waiter then says to the woman “Do you want today’s lunch special at 10% discount off the regular price?” The woman responds “Yes!” almost immediately without asking what’s serving in the lunch special. The woman then says to her boyfriend “I am happy I have decided to order and I saved 10%!”

They are mostly middle-age men filling the inside lobby of the government licensed horse-racing and football games betting shop, many are spilling out to the street occupying the sidewalk of the betting shop’s full-span width. Those inside the shop are all watching the big screens showing horse racings on the left while football games on the right. Those outside on the sidewalk are all dipping their heads reading tables of numbers printed on the Games and Racings Gazette. A man says “I won, I’m happy!” The other says “I’m happy, it’s thrilling!”