Living in the Era

Obstacles and debris are everywhere on the streets, roadblocks are literally at each block of the roads, yellow cordon tapes from one point to another flicker in light breezes.

People are on the streets, roadways, plaza, parks and overpasses. Parades of people holding banners, promoting solidarity and chanting for civil rights and liberties.

Garbage bins are burning, bricks once laid on sidewalks were thrown and landed sporadically everywhere, store windows are either heavily shattered or wood boarded.

Furious confrontations are at city landmarks, government buildings, schools and universities. Violent infuriating clashes between people and suppressive government authorities take place daily. Inconspicuously, peaceful protest possessions are being allowed lesser and lesser.

Strict National Security Law, stringent public policies, rigorous vengeance on dissidents, injustice court of laws.

Living in the era wouldn’t have a minute less of excitement!

At the calm and peace of cemetery, lived in the era would be timeless.